Release Notes for Keystone 3.3.x

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Build 3.3.1 - 4/26/2018


A/R Invoice Job Corrections

Add "Print Inv" button to re-print the selected invoice.

Dispatch Order Maintenance

Add "Ship To 1" field to advanced order search results.

Dispatch Schedule

Add document image indicator to load status cell.
Add "View Document" dropdown button to status popup form.
Add ability to view document(s) associated with a load/ticket.
Add flyover hint to Mode column on Clocked-In Trucks grid to display the full description.

G/L Account List

Add NRMCA Group selection.

G/L Account Maintenance

Change NRMCA Group field to a drop-down list.

G/L Financial Statements
G/L Print Financial Statement Format
G/L Setup Financial Statement Format
G/L Trial Balance

Add support for NRMCA Groups.

G/L NRMCA Group List

New option added to G/L File Lists menu.

G/L NRMCA Group Maintenance

New option added to G/L File Maintenance menu.

Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2018-R5 version (CO, MI, MO states.)

Form Reports

Support multi-page forms (useful for terms/notes at the bottom of ticket forms.)

Web Update

Performance improvement: obtain updates from Azure cloud storage.
Performance improvement: No longer sends update log after successful update.


Quote API: Add Id and TaxAuthId fields to Quote query in Quote GET endpoint.
Quote API: Add Id field to Products query in Quote GET endpoint.
Quote API: Add Quote POST endpoint.
Quote API: Return Quote GET method endpoint result after Quote POST method endpoint called.
Quote API: Add Quote PUT method endpoint.
Quote API: Improve performance of get method query for quote endpoint.
Quote API: Add new get method endpoints to retrieve single product/single contact for a quote.
Quote API: Add new post method endpoints to add single product/single contact to a quote.
Quote API: Add new put method endpoints to update single product/single contact for a quote.
Truck App API: Add drivername, joblot, jobblock, subtotal, taxtotal, unitprice, unitpctdisc fields to truckticketinfo endpoint.
Truck App API: Add amount field (extended price) to truckticketinfo endpoint.
Truck App API: Add priced, tickettotal and grandtotal fields to truckticketinfo.
Add Generator() function.
Add IsNotNull() function.
Add KstqcPostException exception action.
Add NextEndPoint action.
Allow SELECT queries in PUT/POST method endpoints.


Improve common logging unit thread safety.


A/P Aged Trial Balance
A/R Aged Trial Balance

Fix Monthly Aging Method to calculate proper aging column when aging date is the 29th or 30th of the month.

A/R Inquiry

Restore ability to print statement for a single job (introduced in

A/R Job Price Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance
Quote Maintenance
Ticketing Order Maintenance

Do not allow customer contacts to be deleted.

A/R Job Price Maintenance

Fix random Access Violation exception when clicking the Advanced button in the Auto Products grid and then clicking OK/Cancel on the auto product form.

A/R Print Invoices

Fix issue where G/L division masking was not being properly applied to Sales Tax G/L account.

A/R Product Maintenance

Expand width of Product Id drop-down box to accomodate 20 character Product Id.

A/R Ticket Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance
Dispatch Ticket Maintenance
Dispatch Ticket Printing
Ticketing Order Maintenance
Ticketing Ticket Printing

Fix product UPC code lookup so it returns the correct Product Id.

Dispatch Order Maintenance
Ticketing Order Maintenance

Enable "Cancel" button after a contact is deleted.
Fix issue where copying an order entered since version 3.2 would not regenerate automatic products correctly.

Dispatch Re-Print Tickets
Dispatch Ticket Printing
Ticketing Re-Print Tickets
Ticketing Ticket Printing

Eliminate blank page after printing ticket to PDF.

Dispatch Ticket Printing
Ticketing Ticket Printing

Fix exception "Field 'USER_GROUP_ID must have a value" when attempting to add a new Printer Alias on the Printer Setup screen.

Ticketing Order Stack

Fix "Exception EDatabaseError cdsMaster: Field 'qryContact' not found" when attempting to use the Edit Order function of the Ticketing Order Stack after first printing a ticket from an existing order.

Quote Maintenance

Clear Won/Lost Date when copying a quote.
When copying a quote do not copy the Batch Job Id, Follow Up Date, Expiration Date, Job Start Date and Job End Date fields by default.

C/M Statement Reconciliation

Fix random Access Violation exception when selecting deposits.

G/L Account Maintenance

Fix F4 search on the Division field.

G/L Print Financial Statement Format

Fix exception when selecting the "Expand Groups and Ranges" option.

G/L Setup Financial Statement Format

Save changes for current grid row when clicking OK button to apply changes.

Payroll ACA 1094/1095 Export

Fix employee share monthly/annual amount to export zero amount.

Application Server

Fix potential multi-threading issue in ResetDatabaseName routine.
Fix "attempt to access object after destroyed" exception in THITIBConnectionPool destructor.
Fix company database connection pool to properly handle the InterBase "maximum user count exceeded" exception.

Device Aggregator

Reload device configuration after retry interval if one or more companies have not yet been upgraded.
When loading device configuration, process remaining companies after company failure.
Fix leaking DB connections when the company DB could not be opened because it needed to be upgraded (introduced in
Release each company's database connection before processing next company when updating the device map.
Fix memory leak at shutdown.


Quote API: Remove QuoteSubTotal, QuoteTaxTotal fields from Quote POST endpoint.
Quote API: Enforce QtyOrd and UnitPrice fields as float datatype in Quote POST endpoint.
Stonemont QC API: Fix "lastchg_dt" field of xpost_mixdesigns endpoint to include time as well as date.
Stonemont QC API: Restore POST methods for mixdesigns endpoint.
Truck App API: Do not export pricing information if ticket priced flag is False.
Truck App API: Return pricing fields even if ticket is not priced.
Truck App API: Fix contacts query in truckticketinfo endpoint to return job-specific and order-specific contacts that are flagged to have tickets emailed.
Convert pair values to correct parameter data types when processing POST method content.
Only process AFTER actions if the BEFORE action does not abort.
Do not return empty result for non-SELECT queries.
Fix KstqcPostResult action to return the proper JSON value.
Assume float datatype for numeric values in PUT/POST method endpoints.


Fix logging unit so it creates a new log file when the system date changes.
Reset FOREGROUNDQUERIES system option to default (allows cancellation of long queries.)
The company database "keep-alive" timeout has been increased to 60 minutes. This should reduce or eliminate the Access Violation exceptions, especially in the Dispatch Schedule.

Build 3.3 - 3/31/2018


A/R Customer Maintenance
A/R Inquiry
A/R Job Price Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance
Quote Prospect Maintenance
Ticketing Order Maintenance

Add mobile phone number to Contacts grid.
Add "Email Quotes" option to Contacts grid.

A/R Customer Maintenance
A/R Job Price Maintenance
Quote Prospect Maintenance

Remove "Quotes" checkbox from Contacts grid.

A/R Customer Maintenance

Add Address 1 & Address 2 fields to Customer F4 Search.
Add "Web Access" checkbox to Contacts grid (future.)

A/R Division Maintenance

Require access code to add a division.

A/R Inquiry
A/P Inquiry

Allow invoice grid column sorting and filtering.

A/R Inquiry

Remove Job Id drop-down (not needed with addition of grid column filtering.)
Add Invoice Type as an optional grid column.

A/R Job Price Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance
Ticketing Order Maintenance

Customer contacts are shown with a grey background and cannot be edited.

A/R Trucking Report (Invoicing)
A/R Trucking Report (Month End)

Support up to 10 Unit of Measure columns.

Quote Maintenance

Update new Sub Total, Tax Total and Cost Total fields when quote is changed.
Support quote-specific contacts.
Add Won/Lost Date field. (The system will automatically set this date when the Won/Lost status is changed to Won or Lost, and clear it when the status is changed to Open or Closed.)

Dispatch Order Maintenance
Ticketing Order Maintenance

Support order-specific contacts.

Dispatch Ticket Maintenance

Add document imaging support.

Dispatch Ticket Printing
Ticketing Ticket Printing

Add "Print Weights" checkbox.
Use same method as Order Maintenance to determine Print Weights value for new ticket.
Ignore Device Maintenance "PRINTWEIGHTS" parameter when sending Print Weights value to batch control.

A/P Inquiry

Add invoice description as an available column on the invoice grid.

Print Purchase Orders

Add "Order Date" and "Status" selection.

Purchase Order Receipts List

Add "Product Id" selection.

C/M Statement Reconciliation

Add grid column sorting.
Save grid layout (columns and sorting) from run to run.

Document Imaging

Change PDF viewer to use internal component instead of web browser.

Device Server

Obtain truck's current plant id from Trimble/TrakIt status device when processing Clock In, Driver Clock In, In Service and Arrive Plant statuses.


Handle Stonemont QC-style date/time URI parameters.
Add "DetailRollup" action.
GPS API: Add truckticketinfo endpoint.
Quote API: Add status, booked, gps lat, gps long, gps radius, beginning & ending expiration date, follow-up date, book date and won/lost date query parameters to QuoteList endpoint.
Quote API: Add book date, quote tax total, won/lost date fields to QuoteList endpoint.
Quote API: Add book date, quote sub total, quote tax total, customer PO, batch job id, invoice description, purge date, last revised date, won/lost date, ship-to 1-4, delivery instructions 1-4, contact type fields to Quote endpoint.
Quote API: Add QuoteCount and QuoteCountWonLost endpoints.
Stonemont QC API: Add "FLUI" conversion to Stonemont BC_UNIT of 10 (Fluid Ounce).
Stonemont QC API: Return HTTP status code 204 when result contains no records.



Change default for "Product Structure Active" system option to True.

A/R Cash Posting

When the OK button is clicked on the Excess Discount Taken dialog, the message "Exempt Amount must be numeric" appears incorrectly.

A/R Email Invoices

Don't change saved printer settings for Print Invoices to PDF.

A/R Email Statements

Fix Setup tab so Attachments field is visible.
Don't change saved printer settings for Print Statements to PDF.

A/R Plant Maintenance
A/R Product Maintenance

When copying mix products, recalculate Yield and W/C Ratio.

A/R Product Maintenance

Hide "Components" and "Mix Design" tab if "Product Structure Active" system option is False.

A/R Trucking Report (Invoicing)
A/R Trucking Report (Month End)

Increase width of Truck Id column to 10 characters.

Quote Maintenance

When copying a quote clear the Book Date, Book User and Doc Link fields on the new quote.
When copying a quote and using the Advanced Copy dialog, include the GPS Lat, Long and Radius fields in the "Delivery Ship To" group.

Dispatch Cash Payment Entry

Do not allow Cust Id to be changed after a valid Cust Id is entered.

Dispatch Order Maintenance

Fix case where pressing F7 after entering a non-existent Order Id would edit the wrong order.
Fix error message "The order cannot be added Reason: validation error for column RECKEY, value *** null ***" when adding a new order with one or more order contacts.
Fix order-specific contacts for new order not appearing after order refreshed.

Dispatch Schedule

Fix incorrect total number of orders at top of schedule when orders are partially shipped.

Dispatch Ticket Printing

Don't display the warning indicating that the quantity ordered will be increased after clicking the Cancel button on the Order Ticket dialog.

Payroll Employee Maintenance

Social Security Number and Date of Birth are now required fields when adding a new employee.

C/M Statement Reconciliation

When clicking checkbox on Deposit transaction, check/uncheck the box instead of selecting the deposit.
At startup set default sort order to Trans Type, Trans Date.

Application Server

Fix potential issue in connection pool where a database object is valid but closed.
Fix issue (introduced in which prevented restoring a company database.

Device Server

Fix discrepancy in AdMix ingredient type between device server and Keystone clients.


Allow If() function to accept Null value for first parameter.
When parsing query parameters, add parameters to the EndPoint's ParamList.
Fix "WriteDoc" action to write file to correct folder.
Fix so URI CoId is only appended to company database name.
Quote API: Replace "EmailQuote" field with "EmailOption" field in Prospect endpoint.
Quote API: Replace "EmailQuote" field with "EmailOption" field in Quote endpoint.
Stonemont QC API: Fix mixcomponent post query so it includes SEQUENCE_CODE, ASSY_PRODUCT_CODE, COMP_PRODUCT_CODE and COMP_UMS fields in the dynamic query.
Stonemont QC API: Fix batchresultscondensed endpoint to return specified number of tickets.
Stonemont QC API: Change customers, materials and mixdesigns endpoint methods from POST to PUT.

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