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Build 3.5.7 - 1/11/2019


Payroll ACA 1094/1095 Export

Updated for 2018 year end.

Payroll W-2 E-File Export

Updated for PA 2018 changes.

Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2019-R2 version (states updated: MA, OK -- states corrected: CA, OR.)


Quote Maintenance

Only update "Last Revised Date" if changes are made to the quote before OK button clicked.

Dispatch Batch Weights Report

Change heading "Load No" to "Truck No."

Application Server

Resolve deadlock issue when updating projected load while a truck status is being processed.

Device Aggregator

Reconnect to company database in case app server had previously crashed.


Fix ScheduleOrders endpoint in Dispatch API.

Build 3.5.6 - 1/4/2019


Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2019-R1a version (states updated: CA, IL, KY, MI, MN, ND, OR, SC, VT.)


A/R Inquiry

Fix the "Print" button so that only invoices for the selected job will print when using Job Id column filtering (introduced in

Payroll Print Paychecks
Payroll Reprint Paychecks

Fix program starting in Direct Deposit mode (introduced in 3.5.5.)

Application Server

Attempt to resolve deadlock issues when updating Dispatch load status information.


Fix endpoints to properly handle NULL salesperson values in the data.

Build 3.5.5 - 12/31/2018


A/P 1099 E-File Export

Verified no changes for year end 2018.

Payroll SUTA E-File Export

Updated for 2019 (A and S record changes.)


Payroll Print Direct Deposit Stubs
Payroll Print Paychecks
Payroll Reprint Direct Deposit Stubs
Payroll Reprint Paychecks

Fix issue where taxes which were charged in previous year(s) but not the current year are printing on the check stub.

Payroll W-2 E-File Export

Move Box 12 codes GG, HH to RO, RU records.

Device Aggregator

Queue up output messages for a device server until at least one device has been configured for that device server.

Build 3.5.4 - 12/26/2018


A/R Open Ticket Stack

Add product description as an optional grid field.

Dispatch Job Price Maintenance

New option which can restrict showing prices for charge customers.

G/L General Ledger Report

Increase width of Opening and Closing Balance fields on report.
Increase width of Debit and Credit Amount fields on report.

Payroll Print 1095-C Forms

Updated for 2018 (separate First/Middle/Last name.)

Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2019-R1 version (Federal, NY, OH)

Device Aggregator

Performance improvement when reading scale weights.

Device Server

Add support for TCP Ethernet scales.


A/R Credit Reference Letters

Show Average Days to Pay for customers with no open invoices.

A/R Invoice Job Corrections

Update the Job Lot and Job Block fields in the sales history table.

A/R Job Price Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance

Remove "Plant Mix" field.

A/R Void Invoice

Do not set a default for the Void Date.

Dispatch Beginning of Day

Do not change the Qty Ordered value when closing an order.

Dispatch Ticket Maintenance

Do not change order balance if a voided ticket is edited.

Dispatch Ticket Printing

When sending ticket to batch control, use wet/dry plant mix type flag from the plant that is being shipped to (not from job/order.)

Ticketing Weigh Truck

Eliminate Access Violation when switching between plants.

A/P Print Checks

Show errors to the user instead of just aborting the check run.

Document Linker

Fix exception "EOleException: conversion error from string " when linked document field value is Null.

Device Aggregator

Company database connections will no longer be closed for companies with active devices (reverted behavior introduced in 3.4.3.)

Device Server

Fix scale reading so it can keep up with fast-sending scales.
Fix TrakIt/Trimble batch and status devices getting "EOleSysError CoInitialize has not been called" when link opened (introduced in 3.4.6.)


Client options will no longer disconnect from the Application Server when no user activity is detected for a period of time (reverted behavior introduced in 3.2.)

Build 3.5.3 - 12/4/2018


A/R Import Batch Tickets

Add ability to pull product pricing from Order Plant Id when different from ticket Plant Id.
Add warning when order plant product pricing overrides product pricing.

Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2018-R12a version (GA, IA, ME, MO, NC states).

Device Server

Add FORCEPLANT device configuration option for batch devices.


Company Database

Fix issue with Keystone GPS interface when processing order with blank Job Id.

Application Server

Fix exception EIBInterBaseError violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint "ARTTRUCK_FKY_CURRENT_DRIVER" on table "ARTTRUCK" when processing a Driver ClockIn/ClockOut status message where the DriverId is blank.

Device Aggregator

Log message when driver cannot be found by using the GPS Emp Id.

Build 3.5.2 - 11/29/2018


A/R Job Price Maintenance

Fix so new Tax Authority can be added on the fly.

Payroll Print Direct Deposit Stubs
Print Paychecks

Fix loan balance definitions to print correct remaining balance.

Build 3.5.1 - 11/27/2018


QuickBooks Export Configuration

This option has been removed from the Keystone menu. Additionally, the abilty to export tickets to QuickBooks has been removed. Please contact support if you are currently using this feature.


Payroll Federal & State W-2 Export
Payroll W-2 E-File Export

Updated for 2018 (Box 12 codes GG, HH.)


A/R Aged Trial Balance
A/R Aged Trial Balance Export
A/R Credit Reference Letters

Fix exception "EOleException parameter mismatch for procedure ARPINV_RETROACTIVE_2" when running the report (introduced in 3.5.)

A/R Email Statements

Fix exception "EOleException parameter mismatch for procedure ARPINV_RETROACTIVE_2" when loading statement list with "Separate by Division" checked (introduced in 3.5.)

Build 3.5 - 11/21/2018


A/R Automatic Product Maintenance

Added List Help for semicolon (;) list separator.

A/R Job Price Maintenance
A/R Print Invoices
A/R Reprint Invoices

Add Tax Exempt # field which can be printed on the invoice form.

A/R Job Price Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance

Add Print Prices checkbox which will carry to the Dispatch Order when the Job Id is changed.
Add Dispatch tab containing Spacing, Slump, Travel To/From time fields which will carry to the Dispatch Order when the Job Id is changed.

A/R Job Price Maintenance

Allow Tax Authority to be blank.
Add Dispatch Warning tab.

A/R Plant Maintenance
A/R Product Maintenance
Dispatch Order Maintenance
Dispatch Ticket Printing
Dispatch Void Ticket(s)
Ticketing Ticket Printing
Ticketing Void Ticket(s)

Add Product Type filter for batch/order devices.

A/R Print Statements

Add ability to print Invoice Job Id (ignoring Job Desc) on statement.
Add "Show Cleared Invoices Since" date to Setup tab.

A/R Salesperson Maintenance

Add "Signature" image tab.

A/R Ticket Maintenance

Add additional batch results fields: Batched Slump, Trim Water, Truck Water and W/C Ratio.

A/R Truck Maintenance

Add "Plant" column to GPS grid.

Inventory Purchase Receipts

Add "Receipt No." column to receipts grid.

Print Quotes

Add ability to print salesperson signature image on quote form (contact support if you need this feature.)

Dispatch Order Maintenance

Add event when Pour Rate changed.
Display job Dispatch Warning when Job Id changed.

Dispatch Schedule

Show GPS indicator on Order Code column if order has GPS coordinates set.

P.O. Receipt Entry
P.O. Receipt Maintenance

Update "Last Received Date" in product(s) when receipt accepted.

Calculate Payroll

Add "Show Value Override Warnings" user option.

Commit Payroll

Add "Override Reason" field to employee definition history.

Payroll Tax Library

Updated to 2018-R12 version (2019 Federal FICA Wage Base.)

Payroll Timecard Maintenance

Add "Override Reason" field to Overrides grid.

System Menu

Add ability to specify sort sequence for Company dropdown list (contact support if you need this feature.)

Application Server
Device Aggregator
Device Server

Add additional batch results fields for Keystone Batch: Batched Slump, Trim Water, Truck Water and W/C Ratio.

Application Server

The Plant Id will now be recorded in the Keystone GPS status table if provided by the GPS status device.

Device Aggregator

Add ability to process statuses for one specific Truck Id (to assist support with diagnostics.)

Device Server

Log shutdown message.

Keystone Database Backup

Generate backup log file when run by the Task Scheduler and keep the most recent 9 logs.
Automatically create the backup folder.
Backup database even if version older than expected.
Add command-line parameter (/a) to backup all company types.
Provide ability to specify day of week in the backup path.
Backup system and document imaging databases.
Do not create separate cache connection when opening company database for backup.


Add "AutoRun" support to run specified queries automatically.

KServer FX API

Add "AutoRun" support to "kpi" endpoint (daily at 1:00 AM.)
Add "kpibymo" endpoint.


Dispatch Order Maintenance

Add field change event regardless of whether old or new value is blank.

Dispatch Truck Demand Graph

Clicking Home Plant checkbox does not toggle home plant graph line on/off.

Calculate Payroll

Fix to write definition values that have been overridden to zero and contain an override reason.

Payroll Import Timecards

Maintain import file sequence when generating timecard detail records.
TotalPass: Fix "off by one" on the import fields.
TotalPass: Use "OT1" and "OT2" as the pay types for overtime columns.

Payroll Print Direct Deposit Stubs
Payroll Print Paychecks
Payroll Re-Print Direct Deposit Stubs
Payroll Re-Print Paychecks

Print tax definition and factors even if calculated tax is zero as long as associated tax gross is not zero.


Corrected up/down arrow key behavior that decreases/increases date by one day for date fields so that it only works when the date field is NOT within a grid.
Increase client<->device aggregator retry timeout to 10 seconds.

Application Server

Attempt to resolve deadlock errors when two threads attempt to insert/update the GPS status table simultaneously.
When creating company database cache connection, ignore "Maximum number of InterBase users exceeded" exception.

Device Aggregator

When processing client commands, send OK reply before calling WriteDeviceBuffer to prevent client disconnect/retry due to timeout.

Device Server

For Verifi batch device, only apply lb->gal conversion for actual water if the water U/M begins with 'lb'.

Keystone Database Backup

Terminate program in case of error.

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