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Year End 2018

Preliminary Notes for 2018 ACA Fines for Late Filing are Severe -- Do Not Procrastinate!

It is important to update Keystone to the latest release so you will have the latest year end changes. Expect further updates as new tax rates and other information become available to us.


Be sure to update to Keystone 3.5.4 or higher prior to printing/electronically filing W-2s.

Keystone 3.5.4 includes updated 2019 tax rates for Federal, NY and OH.

Accounts Payable

Remember to run Year End prior to printing 1099 forms (see AP: Year End).

Payroll: Year End
Payroll: ACA Reporting 2018
Ordering Tax Forms
W-2 Filing Web Service New Premium Option!
AP: Year End

W-2 Reporting

We strongly recommend that all payroll customers transition to W-2 Filing Web Service whether printing or e-filing. This will be the only option available for 2019 year end!

ACA Reporting - 1095-C

Keystone has not yet been updated for printing/e-filing 2018 ACA 1094/1095 forms. Please check this page for further updates.

Print Only 1095-C

For companies that do not need to E-File Keystone has the ability to print 1095-C forms. However you should consider using the new web processing service (see below) even if you're just printing forms. For a small fee per employee you can eliminate the hassle of printing and mailing the forms in-house.

E-File 1094-C/1095-B/1095-C

NOTE: You must update to Keystone {Release Pending} or higher to use this feature.

For 2018 we continue to use the same an advanced online service as 2017 that provides much greater accuracy and legal protection as well as greater convenience. For more information: Payroll: ACA Reporting 2018.

Preparing Keystone Data for 1095